Thursday, 12 April 2012

Bellona 2011

Bellona was an ancient roman goddess of war. Bellona's attribute is a sword and she is depicted wearing a helmet, armed with a spear and torch. Gods and goddess were depicted as beautiful and untouchable and meant to lead those who are lost along their rightful paths.
This piece is a representation of the untouchable power that gods and goddesses instill over us. Bellona is a piece made up entirely of brass wire. These wire pieces chaotically surround the face in a way that both highlight and mask the skin. The chaos of the wire represents the war. It is a war against yourself, the never ending battle to find your way through the madness of the world.
The idea of making yourself into a god or goddess is one that helps fight the battle. Bellona is a piece that represents the fight to find yourself in a world that strives to make you into something you are not. We are constantly pushed to conform, hiding bits of who we are. We need to fight to be ourselves and have the strength to accept and know that we are truly beautiful when we are ourselves.

Photographed by: Steffi Lord
Modeled by: Patricia Zyrinn

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