Thursday, 12 April 2012

True Self 2011

To be yourself in life is hard. We are constantly being ambushed with this idea of who or what we should be. There is the “ideal” person. What are told we are meant to be both in personality and looks. We rely on our friends to support us and to be the people who will accept us no matter what. They are the people who want to be around you because of who you really are.
True Self, is about letting your inner self shine through. It is about being yourself surrounded by people who truly care for you. The people you surround yourself with are the ones who pick you up when others try and tear you down, tell you that you are not good enough. When trying to be bigger than things people say to get you down, you often go through stages of anger, a quest for strength and finally acceptance.
The flower is something that makes no apologies for itself. They give of a feeling of strength and power yet they are fragile and easily crushed, their beauty destroyed. These can be related to people who are trying to accept who they really are. Like a flower we constantly grow and change and we develop into the person we are meant to be.
 Each flower has a meaning that it embodies. The three that are depicted in the piece True Self are the petunia, representing resentment anger submission and grief, the bayleaf, representing strength and courage and the lily of the valley, representing daring and a return to happiness. The combination of these flowers show the journey to become who we are.
The transition between the flowers as they flow across the bodies of three very different individuals depicts our journey. By linking each flower to the from one individual to the person next to them we see the support that friendship gives in becoming who we are. By standing together and finding our inner strength we can become our true selves and make no apologies for who we are.

True Self
Photographed by: Amie Le Blanc
Modeled by: Wade Ames, Jason Murphy and Steffi Lord

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