Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Seduction of the Dark 2012

ArtaWEARness XII

Seduction of the Dark
A Collaboration between Kendra Jo and Steffi Lord

Betrayal, passion, and revenge.
A sequence of seduction in it’s darkest form.
Pursuit to the point of ruthlessness.
Instability, lust and aggression.
This is a Seduction of the Dark.

These pieces were inspired by the relationships we have, the dependency we can put onto another human being and the repercussions that can result from them. The cages around the bodies (created by Steffi Lord) represent the barriers we put up in order to protect ourselves. This structure is brought into the construction of the clothing (created by Kendra Jo) to bring the looks together. 

Each couple represents a different dynamic, Passion (Purple), Lust (Red), and Aggression (Blue).

Seduction of the Dark Collection
Photographed by: Amie Le Blanc
Hair By: Kendra Jo and Patricia Zyrinn
Make-up By: Kendra Jo and Steffi Lord

Modeled by: Holly Hoskin and Dickson Leung

Modeled by: Jessica Cromwell and Rick Rodas

Modeled by: Kendra Jo and Mitchell Cox

Modeled by: Kendra Jo
Photographed by: Steffi Lord

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