Thursday, 12 April 2012

Touched By A Rose

We have all been touched by a moment, a song, movie or a person at some point in our lives. This moment often shapes who we are and the things we value most in the world.
          Love, beauty and fantasy. These things are a large part of who I am as an artist. Disney movies had a large role in this, mainly Beauty and the Beast. The rose in the movie is the epitome of these three words. It represents the ability to love and be loved, it is a symbol of beauty. It also gives off the idea that we can win the heart of a prince and live in a castle.
          This is a series of both the un-wearable and the everyday. It is intended that each piece in this series makes a statement. These roses are meant to tell a story about how each individual has their own fantasy they carry with them. The colors and the silver add a certain precious and delicate quality to the piece, much like that of a rose.
          It is about a moment we want to remember, cherish and fantasize about. We want to take these ideas and memories with us. It is about that moment that can help decide and guide our lives.

Touched By A Rose
Photographed by: Steffi Lord
Modeled by: Emmeli-Sue Klumpenhower

 Beauty and the Beast
Photographed by: Kendra Jo
Modeled by: Emmeli-Sue Klumpenhower and Wade Ames
Dragon Claw by Wade Ames

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