Monday, 9 April 2012

Forbidden Passion 2011

ArtaWEARness XI

Forbidden Passion

Forbidden passion was born.

A bold and frightening need to escape into a world of passion and romance.

Torn from the arms of love and thrown into passions embrace.

These pieces were inspired by my love for romance novels. Each piece is made from the pages and covers of different harlequin novels.

Forbidden Passion Collection 2011
Photography By: Christy Ward
Make Up By: Patricia Zyrinn

 Forest Vixen and The Scottish Warrior
Modeled By: Jessica Cromwell & Wade Ames

Southern Bell and The Pirate
Modeled By: Emmeli-Sue Klumpenhower & Jeremiah Alexander Anderson-Ferguson

Victorian Seductress and The Rouge
Modeled By: Holly Hoskin and Dickson Leung

Preformance Photos

Photography By Teri Laurence

Photography By Eric Epie

Video of Performance... Coming soon!

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